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  • alt24


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  • ironclaw

    Jacob Williams

    Hype Co-founder & Management huehue. I play da games on the internet machine. The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world.ironclawGr8 Big Bushy Beard cod2 - cod4 - cs:s - cs:go - sc2 - wow - owFrom the depths of the deep dark abyss. -----------------------------------------------------Team: HYPE Gaming FounderLAN Achievements 4th - July 08 Qld Lansmash - 10x Redbull lol [~WoD~] 1st - Sept 08 Qld Lansmash 2nd Div - $100 [~WoD~/#hype] 2nd GGF March 2010 (COD4) Prize: $250 [#hype] 1st Brisbane Invitational SSBB 2nd Div - $1000 [falco] Online Achievements Cod One of the 5 original Founders of HYPE Gaming. CGi @war Competitor Finished 6th - Season 1. [#hype/infectious] ODC Cod4 - Quarter Finalist. [#hype] Alienware Clan Challenge - Quarter Finalist. [#hype] 2nd - Draft (bracket B) / Quarter Finalist [#hype] ------------------- CS:GO 2nd - Division 2 Professional League - Represented by - Gotz, Catalyst, zequence, AJK, prakM, Hooks, Kronoss & Earkal. ------------------- wow Ulduar [War for Territory] Ice Crown Citadel [War for Territory] Defender of a Shattered World [War for Territory] Firelands [Deadly Sinners] Dragon Soul [War for Territory] Seige Of Orgrimmar [HYPE] Other Achievements Done a Backflip on a pushbike once. Collected over 2500 Basketball cards. Collected over 4000 Yugioh cards. Collected over 10000 Stamps Many of which are rare. Won ZONE long jump and triple jump 96' & 97. 100% Final Fantasy 7, 8, 9 & 10. Raided EVERY Dungeon in Oblivion, Stored it all in my Castle and then lost my save file.... Played vcod once or twice. Made fletch throw his keyboard into his screen. -----------------------------------------...Read More

  • Noo5e

    HYPE Co-Founder, Manager and ex-leader of the HYPE CoD4 babes (when all HYPE was, was CoD4 :P).  Just a casual / semi-competitive gamer now :D (Steam : Noo5e). Noo5e (aka Sephiroth)Click dem headz for da funz moite!CoD4 - CoD5 - CS:S - CS:GO - HotS - SC2 - WoW"One-Winged Angel" (Veni Veni Venias, Ne Me Mori Facias.  Gloriosa, Generosa, Gloriosa, Generosa.  SEPHIROTH!)...Read More