Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Counter Strike: Global Offensive
  • animus

    Will Turner

    Will “ANIMUS” Turner (21 years old) is the veteran of the Hype CSGO team and is the team Captain. It’s difficult to realise he is the youngest member of the team as he leads the boys both in and out of game and exhibits a lot of experience only seen with many years of playing counter-strike. Rising to the top ranks in Counter-Strike 1.6, he returns to CSGO determined to one day represent his country overseas. In-game, he is known for his sporadic aggression that catches many teams off guard, his high CS IQ that allows him to close out many clutches, and his reliability to perform every round of every game....Read More

  • IroN

    Paul Gautam

    Paul “IroN” Gautam (24 years old) was perhaps the best pick up for the Hype team during 2014 as he instantly came in and had a devastating effect in games. IroN is the team’s in-game leader and can be found any time of day or night watching pro team replays and learning new strategies. Also being the team awper, IroN has the ability to turn 4v4’s into 4v2’s in an instant, closing out a lot of rounds for the team. ...Read More

  • sylix

    Vincent Tam

    Vinnie “syliX” Tam (27 years old) is the rock of the Hype CSGO team. He has been with the team through their harsh losses and triumphant victories and can be found any time in-game by himself bettering his personal game. Known for his clutch plays, you wouldn’t be surprised to see syliX pull off a ninja defuse or knife kill each game. His positive attitude and fundamentally sound fragging ability is something all players should strive to achieve. ...Read More

  • cbzrifle

    Sylvain Salvia

    Sylvain “cbz” Salvia (28 years old) moved to Australia from France in 2014 and promptly joined the Hype organisation. Competing at a high level in France, cbz brings strong rifling and a different perspective to Counter-Strike. Cbz is frequently the comedic relief for the team and always helps the boys to stay focused in hard matches. Cbz has a deep understanding of the game and when times are tough he is the always the man to offer the simple solution that works. ...Read More

  • goomba

    Lyndon Tam

    Lyndon “GoOmBa” Tam (25 years old) is the newest face to the Hype team having joined in May of 2015. Goomba has a longstanding reputation within the CS community as a clutch player that teams purposefully try to avoid. He has perhaps the most high-level experience in CSGO and this is shown through his composure and in-game sense. Brother of Vinnie “syliX” Tam, the pair often combine to create a force not to be reckoned with....Read More

  • jimNeso

    James “jimNeso” Cowan (28 years old) is a long-time counter-strike veteran having joined the team in June 2015. jimNeso has been a part of teams for years with other hype members such as syliX, goomba, IroN and baAL, and looks to continue this mateship in our new hype lineup. Playing as a reserve for the team, Cowan brings with him years of knowledge and a fresh perspective which allows him to be both a strong support player in-game and to take a coaching role when the core team is playing. Cowan is very well known among the community for his supreme dedication to the eSport and equally for his terrible puns, but the team looks toward his reliable fragging to make the impact they're looking for....Read More

  • baAL

    Sean Carlson

    Sean “baAL” Carlson (25 years old) is the most positive and focused CSGO player the team has ever encountered. Being loved for his enduring positivity, baAL rallies the team in hard games and keeps the boys spirits high. His communication is something to be admired, and always plays with the mindset of how he can assist his teammates to winning the round. BaAL is the type of player all teams need at least one of, and his ability to fill-in from his reserve role into any position is highly valued by the team....Read More

  • XvR

    Mathew Keough

    Mathew “XvR” Keough (27 years old) is one of the team veterans of the Hype team having joined the team with Will “ANIMUS” Turner. His game style is known for fearless entry fragging and being the guy the team relies on when really fighting for rounds. He hunts with his ak47 on terrorist side and has a calm and disciplined approach to playing as a counter-terrorist. Being with the team for a long time, XvR has recently stepped down to the reserve position due to availability....Read More