Battle for Brisbane - Round 1

Sun 29th Mar 2015 - 4:37am : Gaming



The first round of "Battle for Brisbane" was held today at GUF Brisbane Internet Cafe, hosted by jimNeso and Mavrick, sponsored by and PacificES.  The Battle for Brisbane is a 4 round lan event, playing 1 round every 4 weeks.  The competition was run very well, apart from a few minor issues (razer updates downloading really slow, etc.), a credit to jimNeso and Mavrick for their time, effort and capablity to manage these issues on the spot to make the day run as smooth as it did.  Also, a real big thank you to all the caster's on the day; Gamestah|EJ, JBGunslinger, Kmando and peetyG and all their efforts and anecdotes, you really help make the day fun and memorable.


HYPE! was there competing, having fun and looking good! Being a recently formed for Battle for Brisbane team the HYPE! guys looked really strong and capable right from the start, and proving it with a 3rd place finish and a MASSIVE come-back on Mirage vs Bald Krew in their semi final match.  The HYPE! guys were friendly, fun and approachable by anyone at the event while being energetic, confident and level headed during their matches which was great to see.  Also, staying back helping to pack up after the event was a big help, it made that so much faster for everyone, thanks guys.  With 4 weeks to practice we can only guess what the next round will bring us, but we'll be there ready and keen.  Bring on Round 2, Brisbane is ours! FEEL THE HYPE!

A shoutout to our sponsors and


HYPE! From left to right:

Will "ANiMUS" Turner, Vincent "syliX" Tam, James "jimNeso" Cowan, Chris "Bigfoot" Wilson, Lydon "Goomba" Tam





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