HYPE CSGO adds jimNeso

Wed 10th Jun 2015 - 1:52am : Gaming

The often turbulent offseason has seen many teams manifest and ultimately vanquish themselves, putting many of their members back to square one. With the HYPE CSGO team flying high on the back of strong results in the domestic ESEA league, and consistent improvement, the team were offered an opportunity they simply could not refuse.

A victim of circumstance, James ‘jimNeso’ Cowan was left a free agent after his rag tag platoon disbanded earlier in the week. Seeking to prolong an already curtailing career, Jim offered his services to the HYPE CSGO team which include enviable piloting skills and an extensive inventory.

Considered by many in the industry as a rogue pilot, a cowboy if you will, Jim brings with him the kind of temperament one would expect from an aging veteran. What he lacks in temperament he makes up for in rugged good looks an ingame experience, a rarity among current generation CSGO players.

When asked for a comment on the team’s recent procurement, team captain Will “animus” Turner simply muttered, “I can’t believe it’s not butter”. When the question was explained and appropriately rephrased he responded with the following statement -

 “An acquisition of Jim’s calibre is a rare find. He offers an insight that only one can when perched high above the world in a helicopter. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to practising my falling one bullet deagle headshots”

Jim joins the team having played with almost every single member of the HYPE core 5, over the many eons his career has spanned. When not partaking in 5v5 team based scenario simulation techniques and skills development sessions, it is expected that Jim will make his impact in the kitchen or from within the coaching role.

“Having an extra set of eyes watching can be of a great assistance. It’s a pity my parents made the call to have my second pair removed at Toowoomba hospital in late 1993”, commented team captain Will “animus” Turner.

 The roster continue their hectic practice schedule for the upcoming CyberGamer season and various other competitions on the horizon. The extended lineup now consists of:

 Will "ANIMUS" Turner

Vinnie "syliX" Tam

Paul "IroN" Gautam

Sylvain "cbz" Salvia

Lyndon "GoOmBa" Tam

 With James “jimNeso” Cowan, Sean "baAL" Carlson and Mathew "XvR" Keough poised and ready to get to the chopper, should the team require.



Will Turner

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    Happy to be here :)

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    Welcome to the fam boi! You will enjoy your stay I assure you ;P

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